The sophisticated beach of Jurerê Internacional

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06:00:PM - 31/Dec/2016
The sophisticated beach of Jurerê Internacional
Imobiliária Steinhaus

31/12/2016 | 6PM

Known in Brazil and in the world, Jurerê Internacional is one of the best areas of Florianópolis. It is one of the most popular destinations of the Brazilian summer.

The beach has a good structure to welcome tourists, with parking lots, restaurants, shops, hotels and an extensive stretch of sand.

It can be a place to be visited by those who either want to enjoy the sand and the sea or by those who are looking for a lot of fun at nightclubs and beach clubs there.

Jurerê Internacional is located in the north of Florianópolis Island, about 25 km from the city center and 32 km from Hercílio Luz International Airport. The access road is the SC-401 highway, which connects the central region to the neighborhoods and beaches of the North of the Island.

The sea is calm, blue, with lots of green grass and fresh air.

Depending on the financial conditions there are several ways to get to the most luxurious beach in Floripa. If the option is the private car, do not worry, the whole neighborhood and the beach are monitored 24 hours. Safety first.

For those who do not know, before becoming pure glamor, the beaches of Jurerê and Jurerê Internacional were only one: Jurerê. In 1980, about half of the neighborhood was transformed into a luxury allotment. 

Therefore, the area that became known as Jurerê Internacional is in fact a real estate project that belongs to Habitasul group. The other half of the neighborhood, which is not part of the business, came to be called locally Jurerê Tradicional or just Jurerê.