Jurerê Internacional: Floripa's richest neighborhood

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10:45:AM - 02/Jan/2017
Jurerê Internacional: Floripa's richest neighborhood
Pousada dos Chás

02/01/2017 | 10:45AM

Jurerê is a luxurious and refined district of Florianópolis, capital of the state of Santa Catarina. It is situated in the northern region of Florianópolis between the beaches of Canasvieiras and Forte. Jurerê Internacional is a real estate development, a residential and resort developed by the Habitasul Group, next to the beach of Jurerê Tradicional.

According to Wikipedia, Jurerê Internacional is currently a reference in organic urbanization and sustainability for the whole of Brazil. Behind this success are the principles and guidelines defined by Habitasul more than 30 years ago when the residential was created. It also states that Jurerê Internacional had the planned occupation from the beginning, from the streets and buildings to the security, commerce and services. It was created with its own master plan, ensuring the preservation of the environment.

The delimitation was already a small village, a scenario that changed from 1955, when the real estate Jurerê, offered the first allotment of the region to contemplate the expansion of local tourism, which impacted the lives of the original population.

Some of the main features of Jurerê Internacional: it has approximately 3 km of beach; Most of the properties do not have fences, just like the high standard houses of the United States; it has the Chico Mendes Institute - Biodiversity Conservation; it is a region known for the biggest nightclubs in Florianópolis, such as the P12 event, Music Park among others; it has an enclosed forest with environmental preservation; it also has two schools that are among the best educational institutions in Brazil; and the waters are very warm in the summer.

Jurerê Internacional is known for the high standard houses, where the largest mansions and luxury houses in Brazil are located. According to information in 2015, three of their mansions were among the 10 most expensive in the country.

In 2008, the most valued region of the Brazilian coast was chosen by Guia Exame de Investimentos Pessoais.