Fashion | Top trends of the Summer 2017, by Maggda Mombach

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04:00:PM - 02/Jan/2017
Fashion | Top trends of the Summer 2017, by Maggda Mombach

02/01/2017 | 4PM

Summer is here, and with it the trends we love so much! We want not only a place in the sun, we also want fabulous beach looks and many accessories!

The main innovation of summer 2017 comes in the beach towels. Forget the rectangular shape, the thin fabric and the tie dye prints. The news ones are round beach towels with geometric prints or with creative phrases.

Unfortunately they are hard to find to buy! But Hy Brasil brand, in Novo Hamburgo, anticipated the trend and has already launched the product. On the internet, you can find here:

If you prefer to buy them in person, the roundies are on sale at Conceito Giovanella:

Another super trend that emerged last summer and came to stay in 2017 is the hot pants! Despite the initial resistance to this fashion, now it has picked up.

And talking about bikinis, the tops closed up to the neck, with a more comfortable proposal are also super fashion! In addition to discrete, they are great for those who enjoy playing sports on the sand.

Indispensable for any woman, the beach bags this year get a colorful and super craft version. The classic beach bag has a new look, with application of very details. Some brands even offer the option of customizing them with your initials!

The brand Balaio de Praia, from Campo Bom, has some incredible models, and you can order in the size and color you want:

To complete the beach look this summer, check out the beach buoys: flamingos, swans, unicorns, donuts, pretzels... Already a classic on the sands of California, the buoys promise to appear in Brazilian beaches this summer. 

Access the link to see beautiful buoy options available for purchase online:

Choose the items that work best with you and use them! The essential thing for those who want to follow fashion trends is to know their own style.

In times of sustainable fashion, it is also important to think well about the choices so that purchases last longer than a season.

* Maggda Mombach has a degree in Advertising from Unisinos and acts always in the world "inspiring and changing everything that involves fashion-related events, beauty, aesthetics, decoration, good living and innovation." Manager of ‘Boutique É’ in Novo Hamburgo (NH)/RS, for 25 years and responsible for the column "Style & Attitude" from the magazine Expansão/RS, from 2000 to 2013. She is currently the Course Coordinator of Fashion at Senac/NH, Adviser to the Women Entrepreneurs Committee of ACI/NH/CB/EV and Columnist at Like Magazine (column "Na Mira") of Sinos Group. Networking, attitude, style, good humor, teamwork and passion for what she does are the guidelines of her personal and professional philosophy. Her professional experience consists of: advice/consultancy in the relationship management between companies and their target audience; planning and development of business events; motivational workshops and training sales teams, as well as production for fashion campaigns and editorials. Through this experience, she has built a strong network of contacts in different segments of markets including fashion, astronomy, jewelry, real estate, decoration, beauty and lifestyle.

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