The perfect sun tan

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09:00:AM - 03/Jan/2017
The perfect sun tan

03/01/2017 | 9AM

Almost everyone likes to have that gold tanned skin in the summer and keep it through the year.

Summer is here. Everyone knows that having a beautiful skin this season and getting a perfect tan requires some care.

But in order to have the perfect tan, many people abuse of products and make various types of mistakes.

Thus, Tv Jurerê consulted some websites and will tell you some tips on how to have a beautiful tan without harming your health.


According to the website R7-, the lack of hydration is one of the biggest mistakes made by people who expose themselves a lot in the sun. So, drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices throughout the day. In addition to it, be sure to moisturize, and try to use moisturizers based on urea or ammonium lactate. Remember that the heat from the sun will dry out the skin and will make it peel faster.


This is essential. You have to have it in the bag, in the car, so that anytime you need it, you have it.

According to the beauty and fashion website, even for those who want to achieve a perfect tan, using the sunscreen is of utmost importance, since it will prevent burns and reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. However, choose the sunscreen according to your type and skin tone and do not forget the sunscreen for the face as well.

Orange foods are an excellent bet

The website says that foods with orange color are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A that accelerate tanning, maintain coloration and even protect skin cells. Therefore, eat papaya, carrot, orange, pumpkin, peaches, acerola, mustard, etc. Dark green leaves like cabbage, spinach, endive, among others are also rich in vitamin A. Easy, right?

Schedule for sun exposure

Before 10am and after 4pm. This will contribute to a healthy skin. Avoid the sun on cloudy days because of the dampness, which often burns more than the sun.

Always take a shower when leaving the beach or pool

Salt, pool chemicals attack the skin to provide dehydration, so take baths with cold water.


There are good self-tanning products, which leave a much more natural result, so when not on the beach or in the pool, invest in them as they will help you with your tan. Consult a specialist to know the most appropriate.

These tips will help you maintain a good tan and have healthy skin in the summer.

But, do not forget: look for a dermatologist and see which products are the most suitable for your skin.