Wear Sunscreen

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10:00:AM - 04/Jan/2017
Wear Sunscreen
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04/01/2017 | 10AM

With the arrival of summer, we want to run to the beach and get a nice tan, and sometimes even changing the sunscreen for the tanning oil. But leaving the blocker aside, causes the skin to turn red, peel, and harm. Not to mention the spots that can cause the premature aging of the skin.

According to the dermatologist and Member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, Karla Assed, sunbathing is very important. Lack of exposure to sunlight can cause vitamin D deficiency, which is essential for the body. "Lack of vitamin D increases the risk of immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and during pregnancy or childhood, increases the risk of developing type 1 diabetes," she says.

In the summer, sunscreen is our biggest ally. With it, we will enjoy the best: be tanned and absorb all the vitamin D that our body needs. "The minimum factor of sun protection is 30, but we should increase according to the phototype," explains Karla Assed.

According to the dermatologist, the phototypes I and II are those of very white skins, for them the ideal ones are the SPF 60 or above protectors. And the phototypes III and IV are characterized by the browner skin. You should opt for the SPF 50 in early summer and decrease to SPF 30 more towards the end of the season. Not forgetting the phototypes V and VI that are those of dark skin, which have no risk of burn, but need to be protected to avoid skin cancer with SPF 30, emphasizes the dermatologist.

Most people believe that sunscreen for the face or body is something to wear just on the beach. This is a serious mistake. Several experts claim that sunscreen is one of the most important items of the daily routine of skin care.

Even knowing that in winter the sun is weaker, we should wear it in cold or cloudy weather as well, sunscreen should be your ally every day.

Many people do not wear sunscreen in winter because they do not feel the heat directly on the skin, especially the face, the more sensitive area. However, ultraviolet (UVA) rays are similar all year round, and they are not blocked by clouds or window panes.

The early development of wrinkles, signs of aging are linked directly to the sun's rays.

So do not end your vacation because of skin problems caused by the sun. Before the summer start ask for the guidance of a specialist for the best type of sunscreen and the most suited for your skin type.

Have fun with protection.