How to resist a beautiful hat?

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10:00:AM - 06/Jan/2017
How to resist a beautiful hat?
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06/01/2017 | 10AM

Let's agree that in addition to being beautiful, they are super charming, protect the face and scalp and give women an air of sophistication. Of course, I'm talking about beach hats. The beach look gets an extra "plus" with it.

According to the personal and corporate image consultant, Lilian Riskalla, the hat is one of the oldest accessories that accompany the woman. They give "style and personality".

The celebrities are the ones that wear the most varied models.

According to the consultant, the hat is an accessory that cannot be used everywhere. They can be used in daytime and outdoor events such as weddings, lunches, charity parties, festivals and shows that take place during the day, daytime tours on cold or sunny days, beach or countryside. However, they should be avoided during table-top dining, indoor venues such as theater, cinema, shows, workplaces, unless it is a safety hat or part of the uniform. Always avoid them in indoors events or in the church and other religious temples.

The models and colors are varied: large, small, round, oval, among others.

Did you know that beach wear can also be worn on a daily basis? In addition to wearing it every time you go to the beach, the pieces can be worn for city tours or to go out at night.

Many models can be found at Dicas de Mulher. There you will also find tips on the model that most matches your face.