Temer appoints new justice for electoral court

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09:00:AM - 03/Apr/2017
Temer appoints new justice for electoral court
Picture: Divulgação/TSE

Admar Gonzaga

03/04/2017 | 9AM

Brazil's President Michel Temer picked lawyer Admar Gonzaga to fill a vacant position at the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). Gonzaga was the most voted candidate on a list submitted by the Supreme Court (STF), and will replace Justice Henrique Neves, whose term ends on April 16. The new justice's appointment decree was published on Friday (March 31).

Admar Gonzaga currently serves as a substitute justice at the electoral court. He is expected to participate in the trial of Temer's and former President Dilma Rousseff's campaign in the 2014 presidential election, in which Temer was Rousseff's running mate. The trial begins on Tuesday (April 4) and according to the chief justice at the court, Gilmar Mendes, it is not known how long it is going to last.

Temer sought to appoint a new justice as soon as possible to avoid accusations of trying to interfere with his trial.

The sitting judges at the TSE consist of three justices from the Supreme Court (STF), two justices from the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), and two lawyers. In May, another TSE seat will be vacated by Justice Luciana Lossio, and President Temer should appoint her successor.

Source: Agência Brasil