Supreme Court orders probe into ministers, governors, lawmakers

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10:45:AM - 12/Apr/2017
Supreme Court orders probe into ministers, governors, lawmakers
Picture: Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasil

12/04/2017 | 10:45AM

Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin has ordered probes into nine members of the government cabinet, three state governors, 29 senators, and 42 federal deputies. Their names were linked to the “Car Wash” corruption scandal in the plea bargain statements heard from former executives of Odebrecht construction company, one of the contractors involved in the scandal. One sitting member of the Federal Court of Audits (TCU), Vital do Rêgo Filho, will also be investigated.

The cases will be sent for the Prosecutor-General's Office (PGR) and the Federal Police to begin the investigation. In addition to the suspects' statements, the court may authorize wiretaps and order tax disclosures.

The following members of cabinet and state governors will be investigated:

1 – Moreira Franco, chief administrative aide to the presidency
2 – Roberto Freire, Minister of Culture
3 – Bruno Araújo, Minister of Cities
4 – Aloysio Nunes, Minister  of Foreign Affairs
5 – Marcos Antônio Pereira, Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade, and Services
6 – Blairo Maggi, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply
7 – Helder Barbalho, Minister of National Integration
8 – Eliseu Padilha, Chief of Staff
9 - Gilberto Kassab, Minister of Science and Technology

1 – Renan Filho, governor of Alagoas
2 – Robinson Faria, governor of Rio Grande do Norte
3 – Tião Viana, governor of Acre

Source: Agência Brasil