Zoonosis Control Center in Florianópolis concerned about African snails in the city

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05:00:PM - 05/May/2017
Zoonosis Control Center in Florianópolis concerned about African snails in the city

05/05/2017 | 5PM

The prolonged rainy season favors the appearance of a plague that is already known to residents of Florianópolis: the giant African snail. 

Zoonosis Control Center of Florianópolis has been receiving complaints from residents and advises on ways to extinguish the land molluscs. 

Although not poisonous, the african snails are an intermediate host of two species of parasites that can cause abdominal or meningoencephalic infections. Therefore, care in handling and eliminating snails should be observed. 

In case of contact with the African snails, simply wash the area well with soap and water. The best times for collecting the molluscs are in the morning or late afternoon. Handling should be done with gloves or plastic bags. Before throwing the snails into the regular trash, one must kill them and disinfect them. In order to do this, dilute one tablespoon of bleach in a bucket with one liter of water. The snails should be placed in a plastic bag with holes and closed at the end with a knot and immersed in the bucket for 24 hours. After that, drain the water in the sanitary sewer and throw the snails in the trash in another closed bag. 

The salt should not be used in the elimination of African snails, because it is not able to kill its eggs and causes salinization of the soil, damaging plants and lawns. Chemicals should also not be used because they may cause human intoxication or other animals. If you have any questions, call the Zoonosis Control Center. Phone: 55.48.3338-9004.

Translated from www.pmf.sc.gov.br