US Army to participate in military exercise in the Amazon

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08:45:AM - 08/May/2017
US Army to participate in military exercise in the Amazon

08/05/2017 | 8:45AM

Brazilian President Michel Temer has invited U.S. Armed Forces to participate in joint military exercises in the country’s Amazon region, BBC Brazil reported on Thursday (4).

The exercises, dubbed Operation America United, are scheduled to take place in November and will be held over a period of 10 days. Peruvian and Colombian soldiers will also participate in the exercises, which will take place in a region of Brazil that borders both countries.

The unprecedented joint exercises will be directed from a temporary multinational military base established by the four participating countries. Logistical items — such as communications equipment, transportation vehicles, munitions and firearms — will be housed at the base.

Temer's invite to U.S. soldiers “aims to develop greater knowledge, share experiences and develop mutual trust,” government officials told BBC Brazil. The military exercises come on the cusp of a series of new military agreements between the Brazilian and U.S. Armed Forces, which broaden cooperation between the two countries.

With information from: Telesurtv