Santa Catarina to have vaccination against influenza on Saturday

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04:00:PM - 11/May/2017
Santa Catarina to have vaccination against influenza on Saturday

11/05/2017 | 4PM

On Saturday (13) Santa Catarina will have vaccination day. There will be 1,200 vaccination rooms open from 8am to 5pm in all regions of Santa Catarina, according to the Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate (Dive). 

Doses are free for priority groups. The priority groups are public and private school teachers, children over six months and under five years-old, people aged 60 and over, women who have given birth within the last 45 days, health workers, indigenous people, people with chronic non-communicable diseases or people with special clinical conditions, adolescents and young people who comply with socio-educational measures, prisoners and prison staff. 

So far, the adhesion to the campaign, which began in April, is considered low. According to Dive, until Friday (5), 719,324 people had been vaccinated in the public health network of Santa Catarina. This represents 38.77% of the total of 1,864,566 people in the target audience. In Florianópolis, for example, the expectation is to vaccinate more than 100 thousand people against the virus Influenza. Until Monday (8), 46,919 people had been vaccinated, that is, 39.66% of the target audience. 

Adherence is lowest among children from six months to five years of age. According to the Health Department of the municipality, 17.3% of the 28 thousand children expected by the Ministry of Health have been vaccinated in the capital of Santa Catarina. Among the pregnant women, 28.9% have been already vaccinated.

"Given that the vaccine takes about 15 days to confer immunity, people need to get ahead to be prepared for the period of increased circulation of influenza viruses. We should see an even greater increase in the circulation of the virus and, consequently, in the number of cases of influenza in the coming months," said Vanessa Vieira da Silva, Immunization manager at Dive. 

The campaign runs until May 26 and aims to vaccinate 90% of the target population. According to Dive, in addition to the flu vaccine, the tetanus vaccine is available at health clinics. 

Source: G1