Meteorological radar is installed in Chapecó

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05:00:PM - 10/May/2017
Meteorological radar is installed in Chapecó

10/05/2017 | 5PM

The Meteorological Radar antenna in Chapecó has been installed. The work done by technicians from Brazil, Germany and Iran ended on Monday (8). As soon as the pieces arrived at the radar headquarters in Chapecó, on April 28, professionals began assembling it.

The next step will be inside the building to prepare the appliance. The Regional Coordinator of Santa Catarina Civil Defense, Clair Bazi, check the work in the site and explains. "From the antenna several wires go down to the control room to connect to the computers. In the control room are the control panels to process the images that the radar will pick up and send to the monitors," he says.

The investment of the state government is R$ 2.3 million in the work and R$ 10.4 million in the Radar meteorological. When it is ready to operate, the equipment will reach a radius of 200 kilometers, covering about 42% of the territory of Santa Catarina. Along with the radars of the Valley (Lontras) and South (mobile) Santa Catarina will have 100% coverage by meteorological radars.

Source: Govsc