Florianópolis now part of the official route of the Camino de Santiago

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08:45:AM - 20/Jun/2017
Florianópolis now part of the official route of the Camino de Santiago

20/06/2017 | 8:45AM

A 21-kilometer stretch between Canasvieiras and Ingleses, in Florianópolis, could be the kickoff for those who dream of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. From June 29, the route in the north of the Island of Santa Catarina will be part of the official route, which is one of the main Christian pilgrimage.

It works like this: after walking the path in Santa Catarina, with the necessary stamps to prove it, the traveler does the rest of the mileage required in the European country. To get the certificate of official pilgrimage you need at least 100 kilometers of walking.

The initiative came from the journalist and representative of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the Archdiocese of São Paulo, Fábio Tucci Farah, and Mariana de Assis Viana Mansur. At the end of last year, the Cathedral of Santiago opened the possibility of having part of the way in other places of the world to complete the mileage that was missing in the stretch between La Coruna in Galicia and Santiago de Compostela, to total 100 kilometers. The couple, who have already done the journey six times, thought of places in Brazil that were coastal, such as the region of the Spanish way, and the gastronomy similar to that of Galicia. They decided for Florianópolis since the city also counts with an international airport.

From there, they contacted the Santa Catarina Association of Friends of the Way of Santiago de Compostela (ACACSC) to define the route and submitted it to the approval of the cathedral of the Spanish city. The route, according to Farah, was officially approved on April 2: “Ours is the first Camino de Santiago in the American continent. It is the first and so far the only one,” he said.

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