Temer comments on suspension of Venezuela from MERCOSUR

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02:00:PM - 07/Aug/2017
Temer comments on suspension of Venezuela from MERCOSUR
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MERCOSUR foreign ministers and São Paulo Major João Doria (second from left)

07/08/2017 | 2PM

Brazil's President Michel Temer said “there is no room for undemocratic alternatives in South America,” commenting on MERCOSUR foreign ministers' decision on Saturday (Aug. 5) to suspend Venezuela from the bloc, whose other members are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

With the consensus that Venezuela has broken democratic order, the sanction was imposed based on the provisions of the 1998 Ushuaia Protocol. The conditions for rediscussing the decision include “freeing political prisoners, restoring the powers of the Legislature, resuming the election calendar, and revoking the constituent assembly,” according to the document signed during a meeting in São Paulo, Brazil.

Temer said he hoped “once it has restored democracy, Venezuela can return to MERCOSUR, where it will be welcomed with open arms,” Temer said on a video shared on his official social media on Sunday (6).

Temer went on to say the situation in the neighboring country “has been deteriorating over time” and the Venezuelan government's decision to dissolve the parliament's powers and convene a new constituent assembly “cause us increasing concern.”

The president pointed out Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay offered Venezuela an opportunity for dialogue, but with the refusal, they decided to suspend it from the bloc.

“The suspension of Venezuela was a necessary measure. The Ushuaia Protocol, which requires democracy in its contracting countries, is crystal clear. The full force of democratic institutions is an essential condition for development in the integration process of Mercosur,” he said.

Temer further said that Brazil, as MERCOSUR's current presiding country, supports the Venezuelan people and will continue to monitor the development of the crisis in the country.

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