Michel Temer argues semi-presidential system useful to Brazil

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03:00:PM - 23/Aug/2017
Michel Temer argues semi-presidential system useful to Brazil
Beto Barata/PR

President Michel Temer

23/08/2017 | 3PM

President Michel Temer believes semi-presidentialism is an “extremely useful” system for Brazil and said the topic has been brought to discussion with the heads of both the lower house and the Senate—Rodrigo Maia and Eunício Oliveira, respectively—as well as with the president of the Superior Electoral Court Gilmar Mendes.

Under semi-presidentialism, despite the presence of a prime minister, the president retains his or her political power.

During a conversation with journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, where a lunch was served to Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, Temer said his experience “has revealed that it would be useful.”

He added that “whether or not it will work we do not know, but we have been talking about it as one of the very useful hypotheses for Brazil. Now further studies must be conducted in order to ascertain when is the time for its implementation and its efficiency.”

Regarding the political overhaul currently under deliberation in Congress, Temer reiterated that the discussion is being held by Parliament. “This subject is typical of the work of the National Congress. It is up to Congress to decide,” the president stated.

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